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Frequently Asked Questions

10 Tips for the Best Virtual Meeting Experience

  1. To take full advantage of interactive sessions please review this short video [link to]of how to participate in the video chats.
  2. Please test and check your system at least 15 minutes prior to event. This includes your internet connection, device battery life, and speakers.
  3. Use Chrome or Firefox as your browser and access sessions from your computer, rather than a mobile device.
  4. Use a hard wired internet connection if possible. If you have to use WIFI, make sure you are close to the WIFI device.
  5. Disconnect from VPN.
  6. If your office has a firewall, have your IT staff make sure that you can access streaming audio / video. If the firewall restricts this activity, try another network.
  7. If you are at home, make sure you are not also using streaming services like Netflix, etc. that could impact your available bandwidth.
  8. Close any other tabs that may be using a lot of bandwidth.
  9. For video chat, make sure no other programs are accessing your camera/audio (i.e. Zoom)
  10. Clear your web browser history and cache.

Account Access

How do I log-in into the LC20 virtual conference?

  • Registered attendees received an email with the link to the meeting website and the access key to log-in.
  • If you forgot your access key, click “Forgot your access key” and you will receive an email from Eventscribe with your access key.
  • The first time you log-in you will be asked to set up your profile.
  • Now, you are logged in! You can start favoriting sessions and events to save them to your schedule.

I have registered for the conference but when logging in, it says “Account was not found” or I used the “Forgot Access Key?” link but haven’t received the email.
Please contact us via email at


I'm not registered for the conference. How can I register?
You may register for the meeting by clicking on the link below:

Please note that there might be a delay in receiving your login information for the virtual meeting.

Who can I contact if I need assistance with registration, logging into the website, or have any other questions about the meeting?
Please contact us via email at

How long after the conference can I process CE?
Attendees must claim CE credit for the sessions they attended within 60 days of the activity (no later than December 15, 2020). 

What about The New Managers’ Boot Camp?
The New Managers’ Boot Camp will be held as a stand-alone virtual event in early 2021. More information will be available shortly.

What if I have not received my login and access code email?
Access information will be sent to your email address on October 15. If it is not found in any bulk or spam filtered files after this date, please contact

Can I access the virtual conference on my mobile device?
For the optimum experience, please use either the Google Chrome or Firefox browser on a computer.

Content Access

In what time zone are the sessions listed on the website?
The time for all sessions is listed in Eastern Time (ET).

Will content be recorded?
Yes. All educational sessions will be recorded and available online to registered attendees.

When will LIVE CE sessions be available as Home Study?
LIVE CE sessions will be available as Home Study sessions online after October 27.

How long will I have access to the meeting content?
Meeting registrants will have access to the meeting content until December 15, 2020.

How do I access the sessions, and other conference materials?
Many features are only accessible to registered attendees. Once logged in, the vertical menu on the left side of the screen will give you options for browsing the various aspects of the conference.


How do I create my schedule?
Once logged in to your account, you can Favorite a session by clicking the star on the right side of each session. This will add it to the My Schedule page. This can be removed by clicking the star icon again. If you want to add a specific breakout from a session, you can navigate to that session, then scroll down to the breakout, and click the Favorite button for the specific breakout.

How do I find video chat rooms for Breakout Sessions, Roundtables and Posters?

  • Open the session and scroll down to multiple breakout/video chat room options and select one.

    Breakout Sessions
  • If the breakout room is full, the Video Chat button will have a faded color. Please join another Video Chat room.

    Extended Breakout

Continuing Education Credits

How many Continuing Education Credits can I earn at LC 2020?
ASHP determines the number of contact hours for each session. Registrants may earn up to 20.5 contact hours (2.05 CEUs) with a combination of live and home-study sessions with paid conference registration. No partial credit is allowed for pharmacists.

How do I claim my continuing education credits?
Credits can be claimed after the conclusion of each Live CE session or after completion of any Home-Study CE session. Be sure to record the CE attendance code at the end of each session you attend or complete.  You will need that code to claim continuing education credit. 

After participating in the live or home study educational activities of this virtual conference, attendees will process and claim their CE credits online through ASHP eLearning at  To process CE, pharmacists must enter an NABP e-Profile ID, birth month, and date in ASHP eLearning. After you have entered this information, it is saved for future CE processing. Obtain an e-Profile ID on NABP’s website at

All attendees must complete an evaluation and claim their CE by December 15, 2020.

For more information on how to claim CE, please visit:

NOTE: To ensure your credit hours have been transferred to CPE Monitor, verify the accuracy of your CPE Monitor profile before the December 15, 2020, deadline. After this deadline, ASHP is unable to transfer your CE credit hours to CPE Monitor.

How do I know what is offered as Home Study CE versus LIVE CE?
After participating in the educational activities of this meeting, attendees can process and claim their CE credit through ASHP eLearning at Attendees claiming their CE online will be able to view their CE statements immediately.

For LIVE CE Credit, all attendees must complete an evaluation and claim their Live CE by December 15, 2020. Sessions available for Live CE can be identified by the “L” in the ACPE UAN number.Example: 0204-0000-20-246-L04-P

For Home Study CE Credit, all attendees must complete an evaluation and claim their Home Study CE by December 15, 2020. Sessions available for Home Study CE can be identified by the “H” in the ACPE UAN number. Example: 0204-0000-20-246-H04-P

Mobile App

Is there a mobile app for the virtual meeting?
Yes, only for registered attendees. Please use the same access key for both the app and the meeting website.

How do I get the mobile app?
The ASHP LIVE! app is available in app stores for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Use this multi-event app for all of ASHP’s conferences. The meeting content will be available in the app by October 15. Download the app today.

Virtual Posters

What is a virtual poster?
It’s all online and digital. You will be able to log-in and view virtual posters from any internet-connected computer. During the conference, you will be able to view virtual posters and attend live chat with presenters during the poster session.

How can I chat with poster presenters?
We have asked poster presenters to be available for live chat during the poster session on Monday, October 19 from 6:30 p.m. ET to 7:30 p.m. ET.

Chat with Presenter

How can I send a poster presenter a question?
Once you select a poster, you can click “Contact Author” at the bottom of the poster page to send an email outside of the scheduled live chat time.

If the poster presenter didn’t provide an email address then the “Contact Author” button won’t be available.

Further questions?

Please contact us via email at

I have a technical issue, what can I do?

If you are having trouble with the Cadmium site, live stream, or other aspect of the platform you can contact Cadmium Technical Support from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. EDT at (410) 638-9239 or via email at