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Virtual Roundtable Discussions

Participate in facilitated discussion groups on topics that matter to you.

Multi-Hospital Pharmacy Executives

Virtual roundtable discussion for multi-hospital pharmacy executives with discussion topics including:

  • Optimizing supply chain across organizations and regions
  • Developing value-based proposals for new services
  • Leveraging organization’s market share to improve patient access

COVID-19 Business Recovery

 Virtual roundtable discussion for leaders managing the business recovery related to COVID-19 with discussion topics including:

  • Establishing rapid cycle implementation for patient care services requiring new models
  • Managing staff expectations and resilience during times of high stress and uncertainty
  • Preparation and experiences with severe budget changes and consultants

Telehealth and Future Patient Care Models

 Virtual roundtable discussion for leaders seeking to optimize the use of telehealth with discussion topics including:

  • Establishing the role and services offered by pharmacists and technicians
  • Optimizing patient access and ensuring reimbursement for pharmacy services
  • Innovative practice models for inpatient care management and transitions of care

Women in Pharmacy Leadership

Virtual roundtable discussion for leaders to discuss the professional and leadership opportunities for women in pharmacy. Discussion topics will include:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on work-life integration
  • Authentic and intentional leadership
  • Integrating personal and career life